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Welcome to Vlado-Production

Welcome to Vlado-Production!

About Us

Vlado-Production is a company specialized in audio-video production and in translation, which appeared on the marked in 2006. The quality, the competence and the experience are the elements which Vlado Productions brings to the market, both in translations and in audio-video production fields. VP has montage groups and executes any kind of filming with professional cameras. VP uses television operators, montage editors, produces, directors and text editors with over 12 years experience in the field. Also, VP offers to interested parties TV carts with the appropriate personnel for the broadcasting of any event. Concerning the translations, VP has authorized translators, specialized for different domains, with great experience in the field.

Contact Us

Phone: +40 728 853 121
+40 744 853 121
+30 216 880 410

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